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The starting point for all Bank of I.D.E.A.S. involvement is the following ten beliefs –

BOI Belief 1.
Meaningful and lasting community change always originates from within, and local residents/members in that community are the best experts on how to activate that change.

BOI Belief 2.
Community residents act responsibly when they care, and support what they create.

BOI Belief 3.
Building and nourishing relationships is at the core of building healthy and inclusive communities.

BOI Belief 4.
Communities have never been built by dwelling on their deficiencies, needs and problems. Communities respond creatively when the focus is on resources, capacities, strengths and aspirations.

BOI Belief 5.
The strength of a community is directly proportional to the level that the diversity of its
residents/members desire, and are able to contribute their abilities and assets to the well being of
their community. Every single person has capacities, abilities, gifts and ideas, and living a good life
depends on whether those capacities can be used, abilities expressed, gifts given and ideas shared.

BOI Belief 6.
In every community something works. Instead of asking ‘What’s wrong, and how to fix it’, ask- ‘What’s worked, and how do we get more of it?’ It generates energy and creativity.

BOI Belief 7.
Creating positive change begins simply with conversation. It is the way that human beings have always thought together, and initiated action.

BOI Belief 8.
Positive community change is more about having fresh eyes, rather than implementing new

BOI Belief 9.
The starting point for change is always mindset and positive attitudes.

BOI Belief 10.
The continual development of a diverse group of local leaders / community builders willing to give of their time, gifts and resources is an essential feature of a healthy community.

Courtesy Bank of I.D.E.A.S. webpage 

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